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Chicago, United States


Although Gun Love hails from Detroit, he has earned the right to be called an integral component of Chicago™s thriving music scene. A highly acclaimed DJ and expert live percussionist, Gun Love has honed his sound into an eclectic mix of house, nu-disco, and electro-funk. Whether he is DJing a sold-out club or drumming for his party-anthem trio Ghosthouse, Gun Love knows how to cause a stir on any dance floor.

Like all drummers, the man behind the moniker, Dylan Hyde Castle, grew up causing quite a ruckus. From school desks to his mother’s kitchen table, no resonate surface was safe. In an effort to turn lemons into lemonade, at age 11 Dylan’s mother gifted the soon to be virtuoso his first drum kit. By age 14, and with the help of his older brother, Dylan began to explore Detroit’s vast and prolific electronic music scene. By the age of 20, Dylan set his sights on Chicago with a breadth of live and electronic music knowledge and experience under his belt.

Studying percussion at Columbia College, Castle was able to play in multiple bands including experimental rock project Them, Roaring Twenties. As he began to dive deeper into the Chicago music scene, he was afforded an opportunity to work for, and live at, Chicago’s historic Congress Theater. Long considered a musical epicenter of the city, Dylan’s affiliation with The Congress Theater became synonymous with his public image, and kept his presence at the forefront of a bustling industry where networking means everything.

Dylan’s newfound industry relationships and growing desire for live performance resulted in the birth of Gun Love. At first, he started with live drums and synthesizers, before transitioning into the role of a well-versed club DJ. A strong friendship with local industry innovator, Derek Specs, provided Gun Love the guidance to dive head first into Chicago’s rapidly growing DJ scene. It was this relationship, along with connections to many of Chicago’s top music promotion companies, that resulted in Gun Love finding himself knee deep in a multitude of gigs supporting some of the electronic music scene’s biggest names such as Justice, Skrillex, and Pretty Lights. He went on to perform at festivals such as Spring Awakening, North Coast Music Festival, and Wavefront.

In 2011, Dylan began drumming for electro-funk band Ghosthouse, whose party anthems and catchy arrangements have become synonymous with dance floors throughout the Midwest. He became a permanent fixture of the group, helming the drums full-time, as well filling the role of Ghosthouse’s official DJ.

Beyond his music performance accolades, Dylan is also well versed in pioneering business ventures that fill necessary voids in Chicago’s music community. In 2012, he teamed with partner Derek Specs and live sound pioneer Matt Edgar to open Primary Night Club, in Chicago’s bustling Gold Coast neighborhood. Featuring a mix of unrivaled sound technology, eclectic booking, and diverse music selection, Primary blossomed into Chicago’s top-rated nightclub by multiple local publications. The club gave Gun Love an opportunity to fully develop his sound, and continued to build a significant level of music industry connections. Continuing his decade long endeavor to support Chicago’s music community, he opened Bang Bang Chicago, a screen-printing company that specializes in merchandise for members of the local music scene including musicians, venues, festivals, and promoters and beyond.

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