Top 50k on The DJ List

Guilhermo Velasques

São Paulo, Brazil

Psy-Trance, Trance


GUILHERMO VELASQUES is the creator of BLAST at ENERGIA 97 (97,7 FM – SP), the first PSYTRANCE program over the Brazilian territory, which has hosted, interviewed and played with the big shots of the world Psychedelic Trance scene, such as: SKAZI, Shane Gobi, Atomic Pulse, Hydraglyph, Oforia, Killer Buds, Energetic, Insect Seeker, Life Style, Audio-X, and Skulptor, along with other greats. He started to play and soon found his talent for music. He started at the OPUS Studio and after that, when he got in touch with PSYTRANCE, he decided that was the way. Known for his powerful sets, GUILHERMO is a master in keeping the dance floor bombing. He graduated as a music producer at IAV (known as the best institute of its gender in Brazil), and is now working in the production of his musical project, THE SKUNK PUNK PROJECT, in his own studio, the SPS. With a major in Photography, he got into the RAVE world doing photographic reports where he decided to produce a documentary about the theme; he is still collecting data and material to finish it. In 2005, GUILHERMO created along with WFC Records, CONCRETE JUNGLE Party, and he says about it,“I’m risking new things, using new technologies to produce the party, and this opportunity I only have cause I’m working side by side with SOUND FACTORY, which more than ever wants to innovate, and who went to those parties knows what I’m talking about it!”. He is resident DJ at: CONCRETE JUNGLE, SPIRIT OF LONDON (where he played for 15000 people). HE has lso played at: VIBE FEST, VIBE FEST ON BOARD, URBANO CLUB, etc., and played with names like: D-TEK, John Phantasm, Audio-X, Life Style, Rodrigo Leal, Rica Amaral, Feio, Noronha, Energetic, Killer Buds, etc. Well, his story is still being written, and GUILHERMO VELASQUES is not a man of small thoughts, but someone with attitude and energy, who will keeping it up over 145 bpm’s, whenever there’s someone dancing and having a blast listening to his killer SETS and LIVE ACTS!!!