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Guido Schneider

Berlin, Germany

Cadenza Lab, Cadenza Records, Contexterrior
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Guido Schneider has been producing electronic music since the early 90’s. Strongly influenced by “EBM” he started his first project with a friend in 1991 with releases on SPV.!In 1995 he founded his own Label “Neue Welten” based in Celle, Germany. In 1996 he moved to Berlin where he began to fully focus on music. His productions and co-productions (e.g. as “Schneider & Radecki” with Sammy Dee) always sounded sort of minimal, but were also exceptionally functional as he dared to stick his head out of his soundlab at an early stage. This together with the experiences from various live performances helped to perfect his tracks.!Changes marked the beginning of the new millennium: Guido closed down his label “Neue Welten” and met vocalist Florian Schirmacher. After the first joint studio sessions it became obvious that Guido’s production and Florian’s vocal skills would complement each other perfectly and together they founded the project Glowing Glisses, under whose pseudonym they released 3 singles and the album “Silver Surfer” on Poker Flat.Inspired by the addition of Florian’s vocals as an instrument to his music, Guido felt that he was almost able to realize his musical ideas for the first time. The fascination that emanates from “Silver Surfer” is based on the contrast between Florian’s warm harmonic vocals and Guido’s bleepy, minimal and subtle productions.!In 2002 Guido and Glowing Glisses joined Steve Bug, Martini Bros and Martin Landsky on the Poker Flat World Tour. Back in Germany, highly inspired, Guido began focusing on his solo project “Guido Schneider”. His first Poker Flat single “Triple Bolted” (pfr35) and the track “Moved” showed Guido’s huge potential.!Two 12’’s followed in 2004: “Unterwegs mit Guido Schneider” (pfr47, including a fantastic remake of “Moved”) and “Oh My Buffer” (pfr53). These two 12’’s finally put Guido on the map of internationally acclaimed producers. Guido was also Steve Bug’s first choice to remix his unstoppable classic “Loverboy” for Poker Flat’s 50th anniversary release. With his remix of B.’s “Minikool” he ended an extremely successful year 2004. In 2005 Guido first contributed the exclusive track “Las Cuerdas de Las Canarias” to the “Poker Flat Volume Four” album, alongside artists such as Steve Bug, Donnacha Costello, Argy and Jeff Samuel.! To help the victims of the tragic events in Asia, Guido Schneider & Andre Galluzzi supported the Tsunami charity compilation, “Survivor” was an exclusive track on Tuning Spork’s Tsunami Benefit CD.!

In the first half of 2005 he continued his success with more excellent remixes including Dub Kult’s “On & On”, which went on to become one of this Ibiza season’s hottest tracks, the hypnotic vocal and Guido’s trademark baseline ringing in the head of clubbers, not only in Ibiza – reappearing on many compilations accordingly.!Remixes of 2Dawg’s “It’s A Dawgs Life” (Mood Music) Daniel Stefanik’s “Move Me” (Moon Harbour) and Brtschitsch & Galluzzi’s “Regenschauer” (on Taksi, his close friend Andre Galluzzi’s label) followed, maintaining his high quality throughout, once more proving his status as an incredible producer. After this long period of remix-productions, in September “Earthbrowser”, his first solo EP in a while was released on Jay Haze’s Tuning Spork, rotating in clubs around the world with the extremely funky, pounding and atmospheric tracks.Returning a favour to his friend Toxic, Guido then contributed a remix to Five T.’s “Graale”, to be released on Berlin’s Freizeitglauben label. Recently, Gudio joined forces with his old friend Sammy Dee (Pantytec) again, with whom he had worked years ago as Schneider & Radecki. The result of this reunion was the Clubcharts and Dancefloors ruling Poker Flat 12’’ “Styleways” (pfr63), which also was licensed to Richie Hawtins “Transitions” album (Mute).! Under the moniker “Motoguzzi”, Guido also remixed Easy Woman, actually a re-remix since it’s based on a track remixed by Musik Krauses’ Robag Wruhme. This one was released on the first compilation of Berlin’s legendary Berghain Club (Ex-Ostgut), mixed and compiled by his friend Andre Galuzzi.

2006 will also see his first remix on Richie Hawtin’s Minus label, remixing Plastikman himself on the “Panikattack” 12’’.As a DJ and producer of international demand, Guido Schneider currently tours top clubs around the world. The new album “Focus On: Guido Schneider” features the next milestone in Guido’s career. It includes some of his best released tracks and mixes as well as his brand new songs and gives an exciting overview of his capabilities.