Top 50k on The DJ List

Guiddo Aka Rumble Fish

Warsaw, Poland

Electro House


His first DJ experience was gained in Warsaw off clubs like PopArtBar and Pruderia. Very soon he succeeded in getting into one of the most prestigious Polish clubs – Piekarnia, featuring in some of its most significant events. From that time up he has had a chance to present his unique mixture of electro/techno/nu-jazz in all of the most important polish clubs aswell as in other european countries. He has organized a number of theme events with splendid DJs, jazz musicians and art performers. Guiddo is a co-founder of DJ collective: ‘Who needs sleep tonight..?’ where he plays with DJ K3 (Poznan). In August 2004 the collective was joined by Eric de Page (Bruxelles). In 2005 he has established cooperation with the Berlin techno scene (, Waschlabor/Tresor). One year later joined the official Waschlabor music agency booking list. In September 2005 he started to manage his own cyclic radio program – ‘input-output-putput’ on Jazz Radio Warsaw (, presenting every Monday a fusion of nu-jazz/broken beats. In April 2006 together with a proper trumpet player Michal ‘Ostry’ Ostrowski he has found a duo called ‘moving headz’ doing electro-jazz live acts. Guiddo is also producing his own minimal-house tracks and taking part in many multimedia projects.

Some of the places Guiddo played at:

Germany: Pulp Mansion(Berlin), SkyClub(Berlin), Geburtstagsklub(Berlin), Ogs Club(Jena), SpieltriebRadio(Berlin), PmSatis openair 2005(Oelsen),..

Belgium: Dali’s Bar(Bruxelles), Wax Club(Bruxelles)

Spain: El Choque(Ronda)

Ireland: Diep(Dublin), PowerFM(Dublin)

Poland: Sfinks(Sopot), Luzztro(Warsaw), Piekarnia(Warsaw), On-Off(Warsaw), M25, LeMadame(Warsaw), Klub55(Warsaw), Pruderia(Warsaw), Fabryka Trzciny(Warsaw), Estravaganza(Poznan), Post Dali(Poznan), Kukabara(Poznan), Rura(Czestochowa), Intro(Wroclaw), Bledne Kolo(Cracow), CSW – The Modern Art Center(Warsaw), Wislostrada 2006 free art festival(Warsaw), Stereoart open air 2006(Zielona Gora), and many more…