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We all know that to accomplish goals or dreams in life, we must work hard; and nothing says working hard like teaching yourself to mix music. But DJ GT never saw mixing as work; just simply his passion. With musical influences from artists, such as Modern Talking, CC Catch, Savage, Sandra, Erasure, and many others in the “New Wave” genre, it was not until after his first introduction to electronic music, at a warehouse party in 1998, that GT found his love and, now, addiction for trance music.

In his exploration of various genre-specific music such as dance, house, and techno, nothing gave him more satisfaction and fulfillment than trance. And, even after immersing himself in the best trance music around, something always seemed to be missing for GT. He knew that good music is the kind that makes you feel something inside, and for GT, feeling that extra something meant vocals.

Despite his tireless searches for mixes, consisting solely of vocal trance, GT was left with only one option: make his own. In 2000, GT bought his first pair of turntables, which marked the beginning of a journey that he hasn’t looked back through since. Teaching himself to mix proved to be a difficult task, but after many vinyls and countless hours of determination, GT successfully compiled his first series entitled “Generation Trance” in 2001.

Striving to improve his style and discover new techniques with mixing, GT met his “partner in crime” and fellow DJ, Project C, for the first time in 2003. Because of the instant bond that these two young adults formed, GT began to dedicate more of his time and heart into mixing. Soon after, he began his signature "Voices Of " series, dedicated to each season of the year, which consist of some of the best vocal trance music available. Shortly thereafter in 2004 GT and Project C joined forces and started their “brotherhood” collaboration, which became a monumental turning point in both of their lives.

Playing some local clubs in his home town of Los Angeles, California, blowing up the stage at a popular club called “The Stock Exchange” in September 2004, and having his mixes played on Digitally Imported radio, one of the largest Internet radio stations dedicated to many popular genres of electronic music, GT has gained a large and loyal fan base that recognized good music, and acknowledged his mixing skills as being outstanding.

“What kept me going were the fans,” GT says. “Once people actually started to enjoy and appreciate the work that was put into these mixes, it made it even more worthwhile. It’s good to see that there are others all over the world who seem to have the same tastes in music as I do.”

Through all the frustration, aggravation, and countless hours of self-taught mixing, keeping the end result in mind was what pulled GT through, and the reason we have his groundbreaking vocal mixes to grace out ears with today is because of that determination to please everyone.

You can check his website to download DJ GT & Project C’s mixes!