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Geomagnetic, X7M Records
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The new formation Growling Machines has created massive ripples of excitement in the psychedelic trance scene and beyond. This dynamic duo was created when Riktam (Shajahan Matkin) heard about Gabriel Serrasqueiro whilst on his 2004 G.M.S. Tour of Brazil. Coming from the world renown music label Spun Records in Ibiza – Spain, he immediately recognized the full-fledged talent Gabriel possessed and they began studio production. Thus by pure passion, spontaneity and synergy in the magic lands of Brazil overnight one of the biggest names in Trance was born.

Riktam is well established and known for his part in the group G.M.S. (Growling Mad Scientists). This is one of the most widely known trance groups in the world with 8 groundbreaking albums in global distribution. Co- founding the international trance label Spun Records in 1999, Riktam has had a continuously successful impact on the dance floors.

Gabriel Serrasqueiro is one of Spun Records fastest rising stars famous for his solo project Wrecked Machines. It all began in 1999 in Sao Paulo, Brazil where he worked in a record shop. There he met up with Dj’s and Artists and he quickly began making his own sound. His first release in Italy caused tremendous response and his rise to the international stages was only a matter of time.

By 2006, Growling Machines have been touring globally attracting crowds over 40,000 people. And to make matters better still, the first album of Growling Machines entitled “Rounders” has splendid tracks with remixes by the likes of Astrix, Pixel & Space Cat. Other new tracks include the Growling Machines remix of The K.L.F. classic song “3 A.M. Eternal” and a remix of US. rock band Celldweller.

And that’s not all, the duo just finished a absolute smasher remix of Depeche Mode’s "Enjoy the Silence’ All this has put fans and Dj’s alike in great suspense.