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David Albons aka Groovegardener

Dj / Producer settled in Andalusia related and dedicated to music from an early age.

Linked to local radio from young, contacts the subject of production slightly into the 21st century.

In early 2000, it happens to make their own works, influenced by the rise of new musical trends and their own desire to experiment with sounds.

Begins to realize not elaborate but very melodic and emotional burden, trying to express his passion for music work.

Thus, with the help of new technologies, is when, after years of learning and much effort his work began to be recognized within the music scene, not only nationally, also across borders , where his style of dark and melodic, production vibrates more than one.

During those years also he enters talks with independent labels of the electronic scene, taking some disappointments and joys.

It is 2012 when by means of a friend, Carmelo “Melo Xpander” knows and friendship with Sergio Garcia; “Elektrik-o” at the controls of the label “Elektrik Rekords” and two DJ / Producers, "Alex-Tc Unai of northern Spain.

United by the same passion, join forces under the wing of “Elektrik” to open a hole in the scene.

He has made remixes for:

Luciano, Shinichi Osawa, Positive Flow and Letkolven, among others and themselves under the label “Elektrik Rekords” that have worked quite well internationally productions.

His musical style is varied, but centered on the deep and melodic techno, although his productions there is a wide range of topics ranging from house to techno and experimental.