Groove Rebels Beatport


GROOVE REBELS: everything is legal but groove is law

It is widely known that opposites attract and in rare cases they give into a new and extraordinary mixture, as happened to the GROOVE REBELS. They are the product of the full- blooded DJs SKAI and DEEKAY, two passionate vinyl rockers who met in their homebase the 50grad in Mainz. Revealing immediate interest with their first production, Milk & Sugar production made the release of their first record possible.

The geographical and musical origin couldn’t be more different. The Chilean Mainzer DJ SKAI isn’t an unknown in the Rhein Main area, for ages he has had a feeling for new vibrations in the house- and electric domain and now reproduces these vibrations in big varieties of DJ-Sets. As a clubnight DJ in the Mainzer 50grad he established the modern electro-house and electroclash- sound during the past couple of years. Lately he published his first single “Mir geht´s gut” with the homebased label “Brickhouse Records”.

The Syrian DJ DEEKAY is considered as a real allrounder in the Rhein Main area, whose sets can be characterized as “Best of different styles”. With an inclination to the classic RnB DEEKAY knows how to address and inspire a broad audience with adding party- house and vinyl rarities.

Soon the GROOVE REBELS will be spinning their turning tables in all of Germany and “Rock n Roll” will be back on the shirts of all house enthusiastic dance freaks. The experimental team is pushing the crowds to the limit, which is no surprise, considering the parallel application of up to four turning tables. Whoever experienced the GROOVE REBELS knows, where the words “euphoria” and “ecstasy” come from. Both understand, like hardly any other DJ, to fascinate the crowds and surprise with a track, played in a way nobody expected it to. The GROOVE REBELS´ beats, breaks and basslines demolish the boundaries of different music styles and blend them into a rocking mixture.

House, electro, phunky breaks and the right Vinyl rarity at the right time makes the set of the Rebels sound unmistakable.

Recently the GROOVE REBELS also managed to win over the jury of the Becks-on-Stage-Competition. They were chosen from countless candidates by a big number of music experts like Michi Beck (Fantastischen Vier/ Turntablerocker) and Marcus Adam (Musicboss MTV) to newly interpret the Beck’s trailer “Sail away”. The awarded track was successfully performed in front of a broad audience at the famous Sonne, Mond und Sterne Festival for the first time on August 7, 2004.

As though that wouldn’t be enough, the GROOVE REBELS furthermore produced the new kid Alex song “St. Tropez”. This remix will not only, as common, be published on the record of Hamburg’s most famous DJ but also cap his latest CD single “Wake up”.

All these successes are nothing compared to the experience to see the GROOVE REBELS live on stage. A set is exactly what their name says… REBELLIOUS