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Dj Grin aka Jono Oliver started his musical career at the age of 15 when he took up his other passion in life the drums!!

By the time Jono was 18 he helped form Western Australia’s power metal outfit RAWKUS who’s achievements included releasing 2 cds , playing at the legendary Bindoon Rock festival (in front of 20,000 people)an Australian national tour and in 1993 becoming the “World’s Loudest Band” when they cranked 139 decibels of wall busting sound at the now defunct Club O.

In 1998 he joined Perth industrial/metal outfit KIN where he started to experiment with playing live to keyboards and samples and released the “Third Eye” ep. At this time he also discovered the sounds of underground House and Electronic music at a Club called DC’s.

After departing KIN in 2002 he then partied for a few years at many festivals and club nights before deciding he would rather go back to being the entertainer rather than the entertained. In 2004 Jono had his first go on da decks and has been hooked ever since.

Spending the next few years perfecting his Dj’n skills playing at underground dance parties, Dj Grin was now set to hit the limelight once again but this time as a Dj and not a drummer!!

In 2008 DJ Grin formed the company BLACK DRAGON PROMOTIONS to promote all things HARD DANCE. BDP held their first event at the famous Gilkisons called REGENR8 featuring JAMES NARDI (INSEKT/KILLERHURTS RECORDINGS-UK) and then followed up another event in May 08 also called REGENR8 which featured ILOGIK (ELASICMAN RECORDS-UK) After injecting some spark back into the Perth Hard Dance scene DJ Grin was booked to play some massive shows including TANZISTOR,ALPHASIX,HARD WARS IX.In 2009 Grin was asked back to HARD WARS X and played a blistering back to back set with BENI C (Best Hard Dance DJ PDMA)and went on to play HARD WARS XI,XII,XIII.BACK 2 BASICS,SYSTEM 6 Featuring CHARLOTTE BIRCH (UK) @ EARTH NIGHTCLUB (South Aust.)UNDERGROUND SESSIONS,A.W.O.L. ,LIQUID VISION 2 and the HARD DANCE event of the year PULSE vs PHD & also SUNRISE NYE!!

Dj Grin plays a selection of Hard House,NRG,Techno, Trance, Breaks,Psy-trance and anything with a hard banging or rolling bassline with a dark demented twist!! Jono also plans to form a live electronic band in the future but for now look out for Dj Grin playing his hard and nasty twisted beats at a venue near you.

“The atmosphere could have been cut with a knfe, and it was clear that those who loved their hard dance were eager for more. Fortunately, Beni C and DJ Grin were on hand to deliver another hour’s worth of the good stuff. Beni C and DJ Grin upped the ante as they unleashed a set that was equally as dark and menacing as Glazby’s, with a somewhat different feel.”

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