Grim Brothers


Written by Chantell Yzelle The Grim Brothers were founded by Andre Frauenstein and Chris Hattingh in early 2003. Since then they've experimented with different genres of... read more


Written by Chantell Yzelle

The Grim Brothers were founded by Andre Frauenstein and Chris Hattingh in early 2003. Since then they’ve experimented with different genres of music and in 2005, they welcomed Shane Hal on to their team.

They hail from South Africa, a country blessed with young talent and unstoppable energy in Dance Music.

From word-of-mouth events held at FHM Magazine parties, and Space Ibiza Party’s at Clubland District, they reveled in the spirit of adventure, which encapsulated an entire generation of South African youth culture.

The Grim Brothers moved into top South African clubs, E.S.P, Evolution, D.C.M, Submission and Natural Groove to name but a few, and because of all this hard work, they are now placed in the top 5 DJ s in South Africa.

With their relentless hard work and promotions they attracted interest from some of the biggest names in Dance Music, and have played at events with artists such as Marco V, Rachel Auburn, Steve Angello, Sebastian-ingrosso/">Sebastian Ingrosso, Voodoo & Serano, Brooklyn Bounce (Bonebreaker), Mark EG, Andy Whitby, Jon Doe, Phil Reynolds, Steve Blake and Billy Daniel Bunter. This could not have worked out better, and due to all these opportunities Andre Frauenstein is now lucky enough to produce alongside such names as Franky Martinez (Lock & Load).

The Grim Brothers weekly Dance Radio show on 95.4 UJ FM (RSA), might have given rise to a new movement. Like jazz to funk, blues to rock or bass to dance music – traceable to its very last bleep and beat, this dance radio show creates a new and entertaining vibe for South Africa, by keeping the youth up to date with the latest tracks, DJs and clubs.

As an integral member of the Grim Brothers “Andre Frauenstein” recently played at some of the best London (UK) events. Andre Frauenstein played at two major events Squelcher vs. Guilt and Tasty. With a massive following he also had the opportunity to play at many other smaller parties in-between, Backlash @ 414 to name but a few. Andre got known for his surgically precise and mind-bogglingly dramatic mixing skills, with this dirty trance style, he will soon return to the UK! This is the birth of a new, fresh generation of a performer and the crowd loved it!

The future looks bright for The Grim Brothers, dubbed one of South Africa’s finest. They have pushed the boundaries of the contemporary dance scene and their new driving sounds in Electronic Dance music will no doubt continue to win over the crowds.