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Grigory & Anthony

Moscow, Russian Federation

Progressive House, Trance

Pitch Music
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Talented duet of Grigory Fatyanov and Anton Lemtyugin was formed in 2004 in Krasnoznamensk near Moscow.

Sound is daring and complicated. It is a reflection of inner world and definitely of experience tightly connected with active participation in club life of the city.Before their team-project emerged, both of them were engaged in musical activity.

Grigory cooperated with Russian labels and performed as dj. He was the resident of “Sequence Production” where he also worked as a producer of “D Project”, his tracks “Friction” and the remix on “Changes” of “Life House Company” project were included in compilations “Don’t sleep 2! Club energy” and “Don’t sleep 3! Night Life Awards” released by “Style Records” label with the support of “Don’t sleep” magazine.

Anton has started his musical career as a dj. Later this hobby grew from an interest to mixing into a real creativity. He got musical education and learned to play piano, violin and violoncello, now he is a professional musician, arranger and sound engineer with a good experience of sound recording and producing.

Their ways crossed in one of the clubs they performed in as djs. Having talked about music they understood that their views were similar. They think, that “the most important are feelings, that overwhelm you, making you move, dream, suffer and surrender to the most wonderful thing in the world – music”. Each track they create mixes incredible energy with melody. They work with live instruments a lot.

Grigory & Anthony already released many their own singles and remixes on famous musicians tracks. In 2007 their work “Other Melody” was included to top 10 tracks by Juno Records and their bootleg-remix on Coldplay “Square One” received great reviews from Pete Tong, Sasha, Flash Brothers, Jose Amnesia, Dave Dresden, Simon & Shaker, Leama and was presented in Markus Schulz radio show “Global DJ Broadcast”. Their music is played on dance floors and radio stations in Russia and abroad.

Grigory & Anthony don’t stop on what has been achieved, they are moving forward with fresh ideas and improving their technique inspired by the results and the support of musical community.