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  • Hospital: We Are 21

    Hospital Records is a label I hold very dear, they’ve brought some of my favorite artists into m...

    Sun 12th February 8 PM
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There’s been a constant rumble coming from Canada within the Jungle and Drum & Bass scenes, and while their passion has been strong and their releases were mighty, they’ve gone overlooked for years… Enter in producers like Gremlinz, who went from that heavy, breakbeat-massacring camp and have siphoned his sound onto some of the top tier labels in the scene, gaining ample respect with each single and EP dropped.

Following his debut on Metalheadz MDZ04 Lp, Gremlinz has dropped tracks on a number of labels, and with each release, the accolades have poured in. His style is multi-faceted, allowing him to drop both pulsating, breakbeat-heavy B-Boy affairs to the more understated, dub-heavy tunes seemingly at will. His production style has been well-received on both sides of the pond, and landed him a spot on Loxy & Ink’s HORSEMEN collective, aligning him with a superb stable of producers.