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Greg Gauthier

Paris, France

Qalomota Records
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Greg Gauthier is a French producer and DJ, well-known for having created “Cheers”, Paris longest running House/Garage party and radio show (from 1994 to 2010). He has launched, in September 2004, “Dance Culture”, that could be described as the Parisian answer to both Body & Soul and NYC Shelter (for the music and the “dance like nobody’s looking” attitude).

Greg Gauthier’s productions and mixes range from classic New Jersey style Garage to more dubby, deep and introspective sounds, but always with a soulful touch.

He also runs a more eclectic night called “Paris Soul Groove” at Jammin Club where he plays all kind of quality music from Disco Funk classics, r&b, to latin music, Jazz, Samba or Afrobeat.

In the studio, he has been recording with artists such as Kenny bobien, Arnold Jarvis, Michelle Weeks, Sabrynah Pope, les Nubians and Allen Hoist. His productions on labels like Vega records, Tea party, Jellybean, Qalomota records or Cheers make him one of the most respected french producer on the soulful scene worldwide.

For many years Greg has played all over the world : Italy, Greece, Spain, Mauritius island, Switzerland, Portugal, Morroco, Sweden, Japan etc…

Not to forget New-York (PS1), London ( Groove Sanctuary, Ministry of sound, Fomp, Soul Heaven, Tribe, Soulmates, Garage City) and Miami (Shelter, Tribe, Dive).

He is probaly the most busy soulful DJ in Paris, as he has played in almost every club of the city including legendary club Djoon where he is resident DJ since the opening in 2004.