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Greg Cross

Cleveland, United States

Electro House, Tech House

E-SA Records
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A new Name, A new Game – On the advice of my new management (Electric Tuna Productions) I am dropping the Performance name “Big G” and will be known as Greg Cross – my real name – going forward. The Performance names were fun and a great thing to put out there and be as wild as can be, but its time to put on the Big Boy Pants!

My Grandmother gave me my first keyboard when I was 8 years old. It was Air Powered. There was a fan which passed a stream of air over a board, pressing a key lifted a reed (Whistle at the high end) up from the board into the air stream. Polyphony above around 3 or 4 started to have such a negative impact on volume, that it was for all intents and purposes Polyphonic to 2. The first records I threw down in front of an audience were in 1985 at a place on the beach that paid nothing, and expected nothing as well, they were just glad not to have to do it. This was my learning period, where many start in their bedrooms, I started in front of people – granted it was populated with people that I mostly knew, but still. In those days, nobody had ever heard of using a Guitar Tuner to determine the dominant tone of a record and arranging the mix harmonically, I didn’t even understand the possibilities, but it was the one essential learning that I was able to take with me from that time. Moving to Northern California at the beginning of the Rave movement in that part of the world in the late 80’s, I got my start professionally playing the outdoor parties which were the origins of the Sound, and I still have a soft spot in my heart for an open air outdoor party. Something about the Lights and the Sounds and the Smoke flashing into the darkness just brings me back every time. The parties in and around Marin, Stinson, Up to Anchor Bay, Santa Rosa Vallejo and as far south as San Jose were the proving ground for the Evolving Style of Harmonic mixing that I represented in all of my live sets.

In the beginning I was DJ Grey, then a few years later I changed that to Infinite Grey then in ’93 to Infinite G. Production of music also began during this time frame in collaboration with names which later went on to great heights in the Funk-House and Downtempo scenes, Junior Gonzales, Tommy Markette. On the Production end of things I was already being known as Big G, which would continue until the present day. Also during this period I began to pick up smaller club venues whose influences can still be felt today, many moons later. Spundays, I-beam, The Chain, The Cage, Midnight Sun, The Underground, Lipps Inc., Sound Factory, 1015 Folsum and 1022 King St. are all names that still resonate from that time to the present day

In the mid 90’s I relocated to the Midwest due to a fundamental shift in the sound architecture of events and club goers tastes in Northern California – The predominance of the Attendees at events was slowing their entire vibe down; Mine was picking up speed and I began to hear a new type of sound coming out of the American Midwest, personified in DJ Wilhelm K. Once in the Midwest, I began doing more club appearances, and picked up the more hard house-like sound of the region and the time, but still Always paying homage to my Trance roots. During this period I managed to hit the big outdoor events in the Midwest, Family Affair, MMF to name a few. From 1998 – 2002 I took a hiatus and went back to school to learn more about music theory, and returned to the tables only sporadically in 2002 with a new understanding of my life’s work, hitting the decks with a new performance name as well, Big G. This was the first time my behind the Mixer and my On stage personas and skill sets aligned into one cohesive performer. I also found that I was at the Bleeding Edge Technologically for that part of the world. I knew of no other DJ who was performing entirely electronically. most were still either carrying Crates (of records) or Folios (of CD’s), I was already carrying a laptop and one of the earliest Versions of Traktor Software (It wasn’t even in English, It was in German). A home made controller (Since the version I had only supported external control of a few parameters) and many would look as if I had just walked off the short Bus. I bear responsibility for reshaping the thinking of many people after hearing my music.

After a variety of sporadic club appearances and dates and tours on Cruise Ships and with BMX and Extreme Stunt national tours Along with club dates in the Detroit/Cleveland/Pittsburgh Corridor, I am back to the thing I love the most, the thing I’ve been doing since my Grandmother gave an awkward 8 year old boy her air-powered organ that she would softly play hymns on, That thing which had become the center of who I am as an Artist a Performer and A Human Being, with more beats, more sounds and a deeper experience than ever. Keep Listening to the sound that moves you, Listen LOUDLY and always remember, that PLUR is more than an acronym, a cool Logo or catchy meme, it was and is a way of life!

Peace, Love, Unity, Respect

DJ Greg Cross

(Big G, Infinite G, Infinite Grey, Grey Dawn(‘92) Grey Skyy (’93), Grey(88 – 91), Dreamer Grey, Dreamer G, EmerGe)