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Greenbeam & Leon

Berlin, Germany


Att series, Cirque Du Minimaliste
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GREENBEAM & LEON / Tbilisi / Georgia

It was in 2002 when two 15 year old friends from Georgia (Greenbeam – Achi Tabukashvili, Leon- Levan Lolishvili) started composing electronic music. Few years later, their first Minimal Techno tracks came out on different Net labels. By that time, their DJ-ing career was already quite successful.

Moreover, at the same time they decided to begin a new project called AUTUMN TREE and under this name, merging new music movements and diverse influences including: Electronica, Experimental, House, Dub and Downtempo.

At the end of the year of 2008, at the Electronic Music Awards, they were nominated and received title: “The Best Musicians of the Year – Electronauts”

The main characteristic of the music composed by Greenbeam and Leon centers around dark and groovy sonority, playful rhythm and dim sound.

Greenbeam and Leon are still actively engaged in the process of composing music and Dj-ing around the world, therefore contributing to the advancement of electronic music scene in Georgia. They constantly try to enhance their production with experimenting with new discoveries.

In 2012, their tracks came out on famous German labels like “Mos Ferry”. They also are one of the organizers of Georgian broadcast –

Nowadays, their musical creations are actively played by great artists like Richie Hawtin, PanPot, Dubfire, Adam Beyer and etc.

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Selected discography of Greenbeam & Leon

Upcoming Releases:

o Ace Of Spades EP – Front

o Batel – Tecrui (Greenbeam & Leon’s Winter dub) – Sui Generiz

Productions / Releases

2011 – 2012

o Little Things Remixes – Mo’s Ferry (inc. Jedi Jet)

o Optical Illusion EP – Mo’s Ferry (inc. Boyd Schidt)

o Lymph – Transmissions

o Full Wagon EP – MBD

o My Next Life EP – BDivision

o Acid Mouth EP – Capsula (inc. Xpansul, Dave Manuel)

o Head Error EP – Bosphorus Underground Recordings

o Haiha EP – Overdrive Musik (inc. Tom Hades, Atochi, Deepchild, Prudo)


o Databaaz EP – KumQuat

o Distance EP – KumQuat

o One Man EP – Sebian Recordings

o 1011 EP – Transmissions

o Hurricane EP – Transmissions

o Snake EP – Transmissions

o Pajul EP – Transmissions

o Panic In Palanque EP – KumQuat

o Polar Palace EP – Bosphorus Undeground


o Splitfound EP – Splitsound Records

o Robot Kiss EP – Diva Records

o Out Of This World EP – FVF Records

o Foot’N’Snout / Fickle Bladder – Phobiq

o Shippa / Tac Au Tac – Front Digital


o In The Blur EP – Lazerslut

o Monochromatic EP – Piso rec

o Only This EP – Minibus

o Blurred Vision – Miniatura Records

o Nut EP – Front Digital

o Only This Ep Remixes – Minibus

o Minitec Series 002 – Minitec Series

o Long Island EP – SK Supreme Records

o Blueprint EP – Lazerslut

o Pina EP – Minibus

o Minitec Series 004 – Minitec Series


o 16 Celsius EP – Igloo Rec

o No Legal EP – Lessizmore

o Compilation Red – Autist Records