Green Beatport


His name is Younes Sahmi and at the age of 20 he’s already had 5 years of experience under his belt. He was born in Rabat the capital of MOROCCO. GREEN is a DJ and producer. In 1997 a few small appearances as a DJ at parties marked the beginning of his career. Only one year later he discovered House music and its belonging underground clubs and culture. The atmosphere created by the totally different crowd and the endless rhythms of the music instantly caught his attention and made him leave all other styles of music except HOUSE MUSIC .First release @ 2005 Dj Green " Fat Bass ( Fat Bass is the Album’s Name ) contain 7 tracks Dj Green " R-B-T ( Progresive )Dj Green " Rabat To Madrid ( Progresive )Dj Green " Pure ( Progresive )Dj Green " Moove Your Body ( Progresive )Dj Green " Last Chance ( Progresive )Dj Green " Peace ( Progresive )More than 100 House Remix His DJ influences are Carl Cox , Hernan Cattaneo , Sasha ,Paul Oakenfold ,Matthew Dekay .