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David Grasso and Julian Maxim are two originating in Colombia men. Although they began their careers as individual DJs, in 2009 they decide join and shape the successful duo Grasso Maxim.

In 2008 these two DJs share residence in one of the major clubs in his native city Manizales (SPACE CLUB), where his talent and versatility after the torna tables made them gain recognition at the national level, his energy and his good taste for music leads them to make presentations to the length and breadth of their country, as in the main clubs and festivals. After making several appearances together realize great chemistry they have for music, his taste for same gender and great musical ear that characterizes and it is then that is born the duo Grasso Maxim. In 2009 they begin to take their first steps in the production, this year is for them a year of learning acquiring knowledge and skills in the composition, at the end of this year released his first record called XCLUSIVE work signed by the BEDROOM MUZIK label owned by renowned DJ WADY, having a great acceptance worldwide being charteado by Djs of the stature of LISSAT VOLTAXX, MATTEO DIMARR, CHRISTIAN FALERO, PROK FITCH among others. One of the major electronic music of Spain ONLY HOUSE RADIO stations lists this track as the best track on the summer and the most heard by listeners of the Spanish radio station, also occupied the 1st place in sales of the stamp staying in this place for more than 8 weeks. So like this are several tracks from this duo who have had great success throughout the world as GUTTERFUNK, track signed on Steel Ground Records which reaches 1st place in sales of the stamp and staying in this position for more than five weeks, this track tube a great acceptance by the major Techno Djs in Europe, being charteado on multiple occasions in Resident Advisor page as well as in various Radio Shows and podcasts, it is played in the major clubs in Latin America as well as in United States.

At the beginning of the year 2010 create your own radio program, program that takes them to be recognized worldwide, being heard in more than 70 countries, his radio show is known for excellent music which contains and is supported by leading TOP DJs in the world, the MINISTRY OF SOUND catalogued it as one of the best Radio shows of the time. They are currently working for major record labels from around the world performing original tracks as also remixes, among them are: SHINSHY RECORDS, BEDROOM MUZIK, SUITE MUSIC, STEEL GROUND RECORDS, ESCLAMA RECORDS, EVERMAIN RECORDS and many more.