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GRASP THE ERRO [ BomBeatz | Supercool ]

Grasp The Erro is a Canadian dj/producer who currently lives in Vancouver BC and focuses on all genres of bass music including dnb, dubstep, electro, glitch and more. To call him energetic and eclectic would be a vast understatement. If Grasp isn’t drenched in sweat with a hoarse voice every time he gets off stage he considers it a failure. Raw passion and pure dedication have propelled Grasp to where he is today and they continue to fuel his ascent. He approaches his productions the same as his live shows, nothing short of excellence is satisfactory. Grasp is dedicated beyond reproach to ensuring that his original music is the absolute best that it can be and his live shows leave no one unsatisfied. His diverse background, encompassing turntablist competition, producing and promoting, enable him to appreciate all aspects of the music industry. 2011 has been a major year for Grasp the Erro as he has seen 20 releases on 6 labels with many more on the way.







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