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Born on September 10th, 1979 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Graham has been a DJ for over 9 years. He’s played in clubs across Canada. Starting as a Drum & Bass DJ, playing in after hour venues in Kingston, Ontario, then moving into DJ’ing Progressive, Electro, Breaks, Tribal House, and Techno. His style can best be described as a mosaic of genres blended together to make cohesive and meaningful experiences. He blends and mixes between Progressive House, Tech House, Techno and Electro in any given set to add to the eb and flow a sets progression, “DJ sets are supposed to take you somewhere, and I like to do just that”, says Graham, “they’re meant to take you away from your every day life and lift you into a world where all in attendance are united by the rhythms, melodies and beats coursing through their bodies and their minds. They should take you to dark places, dirty places, places of euphoria and I find the best way to do that is to mesh styles, genres and techniques throughout a set”. If you enjoy Graham’s sets you can vote for him on the DJ List at .

Graham also produces his own tracks, and engineers his own music, he received an honours in sound engineering and music production in 2005 from the Harris Institute for the Arts and continues to produce tracks on a regular basis in a variety of styles. You can check out his latest tracks and sets on the Mixes tab.

If you want to send Graham any tracks, he is happy to receive them, they may even make it onto his next set!

For bookings or record signing, feel free to email Graham.