Gracie Beatport


In Brisbane, dj Gracie is a name that seems to be glued into any sentence when a “who plays the best house music?” topic is raised. He arrived in Australia in 92 from Glasgow and quickly set about launching the Cities 1st House night at the Site nightclub, called Icon in the Attick.

He was the 1st to introduce dj’s into bars, at the Chill bar & in the process, create a brace of nights including Lift that has passed into early Brisbane clubbing folklore.

Never afraid to dip his toes into uncharted waters he has been at the fore when it came to testing out new sounds. Club devotes in Brisbane have all been treated to the sounds of deep house through to some stomping club, tech & tribal house monsters. When each sound was being born, he was there to play the best of them to eager ears.

This constant searching for new sounds has seen him play alongside such luminaries as John Digweed, Sasha, Derrick Carter, Mark Farrina, David Morales, Graeme Park, Prodigy, Judge Jules, Paul Oakenfold, Larent Garnier, Carl Cox, Maw, to mention only a few of the talents he has enjoyed deck time with.

To catch one of his sets is nothing short of a journey through genres, throw in some of his own music into the mix, and you have an experience not to be missed.

Watch out for his forays into production as he takes his next logical step on his continuing journeys.