Gow Beatport


Since learning the fine art of programming and mixing during the mid 90’ in NYC’ diverse club scene, Gow has developed a keen sense of what it takes to “move crowds” and has become one of the industry’ leading up-and-coming DJ’ .

It was 1994 at the legendary Limelight where Gow first realiized what he was meant to do. NYC was alot different then and the scene was still very underground. It was at Limelight that Gow met DJ Corbett. Corbett at the time was the top house DJ in New York City. They became friends and ultimately Corbett became Gow’ teacher. Gow at the time was attending school at the University of Indiana. Although he still was not at the DJ end of things he began organizing events and telling people of the amazing club culture that was going to spread all over America. Some people thought he was crazy, but that didn’t stop him. In 96’ Gow cashed in his savings bonds that he had accumulated since he was a baby and bought his first pair of turntables. Since that time Gow’ has continually progressed his DJing skills as well as his discography.

Gow’ discography includes three radio shows, several residencies, and over 50 single events. Gow has played venues ranging from a few hundred to over 2000 people and rooms such as Limelight NYC, Velvet St. Louis, Platinum D.C, and many others. It is his business mind and love for the music that allows him to manage a full time career while DJing on the side. Although one day Gow wishes to be involved full time in the music, that opportunity has not yet arrived…………..yet.