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Shane Madden has been creating original music for the advertising, game and film markets since 1996. He has worked with Blue Arrow Media as well as other production companies creating some of the top selling game music for children’s products including four Barbie™ titles and the children’s hit Diva Starz™ .

Shane is also a sought after session artist and producer working with artists like: Chrysta Bell of 8 1/2 Souvenirs and Ian Moore. Since 1996 Shane has also created 4 CD’s as Govinda. In this World, Dance, Hip Hop style, his music has been on the Buddha Bar and Asian Travels II compilation CD’s as well as 16 other compilations across the globe (for a total of over 300,000 units sold). Clients include Blue Arrow Media, Mattel, Simon and Schuster, Girl Games, Teen Magazine, Milkshake Media, GSDM and others.

The distinctive funky-gypsy sound of Govinda is the creative child of a classically trained musician whose cutting-edge performance style translates to a wide audience. “I fell in love with the violin when I was eight years old and started playing classical music. I became interested in gypsy music and other music that represents my ancestry, which got me into the World music scene – specifically Middle Eastern, Indian, Celtic and Flamenco music. I began to blend this music with a more danceable, kind of trippy, funky psychedelic sound.”

Originating from Austin, Texas , Govinda keeps busy both on the concert stage and in the recording studio. He gives a multi-sensory, mesmerizing live show that is a cross between a rave, a classical Indian concert and a Cirque du Soleil performance. His 1998 Earthtone Records release, O Earthly Gods , features the artist on violin with layered ambient vocals and downtempo grooves. Entwined & Entranced, Govinda’s second album (October 1999, Earthtone Records), offers 12 tracks that continue the spirit of his signature sound. In 2002, Echoes of Eden, explores hauntingly sexy voice and violin. It’s filled with trippy downtempo and drum and bass beats, dubbed out turntablism and random ecstatic noise. Guest performances by Chrysta Bell, Jennifer Folker, Oliver Rajamani and more.

In September 2004, the Sensory Infusion Tour will drive him around Europe for the release of his new production: Ethnic Confusion-Ism . It explores the haunting and dirty side of sensuality and captivate the body in sound and movement.