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Two nominations,one more time, by Deejay Magazine as “Best hardance & progressive spanish deejay 07” and “best spanish deejay 07” in the last deejaymags edition.

Goro was the 50% of Soniko-dB, the trance-progressive team of Galicia. This Spanish deejay and producer started to play when he was 19 years old in LP45. Step by step, he was growing as a well-known dj and 3 years later he started a new project for young people called “Tio Lucas” in the same city, Ordes – La Coruna. A short time after, he decided to take his project to other city, Betanzos, to keep growing and he called it “Blue”. Only one year later , Goro made a contract with KGB group and spend the following 2 years cultivating his particular hardstyle for the youth of Barbanza’s region, where were located “KGB” and “Onda” , his two new weekend clubs. After this time, LP45 called him again and offered to Goro a unpronounceable deal. He returned to the club where he was born and spent two years more there, until “Disco Tonos” offered him the possibility to do two sessions in a weekend, not only one. Goro came back to Barbanza and lived like never before 3 years of hardstyle and progressive sessions. After this time he shared the weekend again and started to play in “LP45” every Saturday and do the same all Sundays in “Tonos”. This was the start-point. All that Goro is at this moment happened during this last six years: Soniko-dB , playing all around Spain, discographies, Vinyls in charts, radio spaces, interviews, television, dj’s teacher and all about a deejay could dream. Releases like GZ, Supersoniko, Ultrasoniko, Are you afraid, Sunday’s party or Drums deejays set him at the top of Spanish progressive list.

2006 is the year. Goro became stronger than before and he is living his best moment: Technics-Spain Official World Tour Dj, Doblecero.com(Corte Ingles) Official Dj, responsible among the main Spanish progressive djs of the progressive cd in the Professional Djs in Session and named as best Progressive & Hardstyle Spanish dj by DJ1 magazine and best hard dance dj 2006 by DEEJAY magazine.

Goro left LP45 in June 06 and Soniko-dB was disolved in December 06.

Goro has only just begun his way, named again best deejay progressive and hardstyle 2006 by DJ magazine in January 07 and Starting his own project called FRESHH! For Saturday nights and Sunday Evenings in NARON – A Coruna and with the vinyl Freshh! in all the shops of the world in Feb.07.

After 18 months, a lot of sets around spain and two vinyls more (“Elements” and “Erase una vez”), Goro left Freshh! and takes a new trip called “SUGAR – Carballo” in October 08, his new Sunday evenings project.

Every month appear a new project and never before Goro was so busy, so proud of only living from deejaying, so grateful to all the people who made possible all written before.