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GONZO is one of the well known Portuguese Djs/musician. His dijing career started in 1990, in his home town, cascais, near Lisbon, the Portuguese capital. he was one of the Portuguese Djs involved in the 80s rock movement, as resident Dj of one of the most important clubs in Portugal, NEWS it was only when he moved to a difrent disco that his career took off as a HOUSEMUSIC DJ. In 1992 he starts to work in imprevisivel making this club an reference in cascais , because its was the first club with a more housey orientation and decides to become a full time musician and dj. while he was playing in cascais, he begins is collaboration whith an important radio Station in the metropolitan area of Lisbon , Radio Energia. During the time he was at the radio station, invitations start falling, claiming his presence at events and discos across portugal, that´s when he was imediatly picked up by his first manager After meeting is first manager other projects spot out, and starded travelling across portugal playing in in difrent clubs and also participated in some important Parties; getting deep on all portugal night scene. After that it was almoust 10 years as a singer and playing live in several clubs. it was an experience of 7 platinium albums sold ,as a singer ,and more than 500 live shows. GONZO in 2006 has is DIESEL PROJECT (GONZO & THE DIESEL PROJECT), a ROCK/ELECTRO PROJECT and as a DJ is stamping his mark in the finest Portuguese Clubs playing regularly across portugal with an ELECTROHOUSE set whith some “glam rock” over the top, and receiving great feedback from djs around portugal(PACHA,VATICANO,HIT,BLACKJACK,COCONUTS,VIA RAPIDA,BOX,ANDROMEDA ,BUDDHA ETC). He is also playing his sound at the most prestigious partys carried through by, maxmen( official dj) , fhm , fashion labels and dance club magazine etc. The next step: GONZO is going to ventured into productions in 2007. As a producer, his work is just begining