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Gon G

Jakarta, Indonesia

Hard Dance, Hardcore / Hard Techno

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  • Gong

    The Brickyard

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    Thu 10th March 7 PM
  • Gong

    Hare And Hounds

    Line-up: GONG
    Tue 15th March 7 PM
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Arief Rachman aka Gong was born in Bandung in west Java island of Indonesia and music has been his passion through out his life. Spent half of his life in Sydney-Australia and achieved his master degree, and along the way he joined few band as a drummer. 2004 is the year where he first introduced to Hard Trance music, the feeling, rythm, hard kick and big fat bass has gave him a new kind of dimension in music and in his life. Since then his passion on electronic dance music has become stronger and has brought him to where he is now as a DJ and producer of hard dance music. Through the evolution of music from Euphoric, NRG, Hard Trance, Hardstyle, Nustyle, Rawstyle and Hardcore has been affecting the tunes he produced and combined with local culture sound, he are able to develop his own unique characteristic in music.

2007 is the year where he and his colleague decided to make a community and the name “Hardstyle Battalion” was born. At first, they try to gather Indonesian people who loves hard dance music in both Australia and Indonesia. The progress was not as good as they expected as the genre itself has not reach Indonesian shore yet. In 2009, Gong decided to go back to Indonesia for good to persue his work career and brought Hardstyle Battalion along with him. Since then, the community grew rapidly and within 2 years Hardstyle Battalion Facebook fan page has more than 15,000 likes, which include international fans.

Furthermore, Gong’s role in the evolutions of Indonesia’s EDM has been a tough road . Hard dance music will not as big as now without the love and loyalty to the genre. His persistence and supports from his colleagues has put the hard dance scene into certain levels and each year hard dance has been in Indonesia’s rave scenes. Supported by Smirnoff Ice in their event, he and his team were able to bring hard dance music into surface and has succeed in inviting international artist such as Alex Kidd, Kutski, XDream (AUS) and Kamikaze (AUS) into Indonesia.


GonG – 3rd Rock From The Sun (Original Mix) (2009, Mixology Digital Records)