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Do you like the distinctive beats of techno, tech-house, progressive house or electronic music?

Can you imagine how they would sound like put together on a track?

Think about it! Or just experience them in my tracks!

With an eye for details and fueled by my passion for the everyday sounds that we usually come across without giving them the slightest attention, I started to compose my music. Sometimes, depending on the mood or the complexity that we are prepared to see in the songs we listen to, some of my tracks might be misinterpreted or misunderstood. For me, the complexity of the sounds and the uncommon and unlimited ways they could be combined is very inspiring and enchanting and listening to such sounds coming together as a complete track is an absolutely vibrating experience. I see music as the perfect way to unleash your energy, to empower and to energize the people on the dance floor. A great philosopher once said music represents the soul of the Universe, the wings of thought, the wind of imagination, the charm of youth, giving life and joy to all things. The Prodigy and their music stimulated my composing skills, at the very beginning. I was fascinated about how they had managed to weave the sounds in their songs to create the music that I still consider to be at the core of my inspiration. 2007 was the year when my first video was released. It proved to be a great success and it appeared on several TV channels. The track went on air at the local and national radios, making it in the playlists especially after being performed at the opening of a prestigious Club. The title says a lot: Hypnotic. It is both the name of the Club and of the track. Later, in 2010, after signing with System Recordings, BDivision Records and Electronic Fusion Records, 4 EP’s went out, some of the tracks being included in other 5 compilations and I was proud to hear my songs on the important radios, among which Proton Radio. In present I produce different kind of music such as Techno Music, Progressive House Music, Tech House Music.