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It’s been 10 long years since Radioactive Goldfish first hit the airwaves with their hit single – LSD is the Bomb. The acid house days were drawing to a close and the techno house movement had just begun. Acts like Quadraphonia, 808 State, and Radioactive Goldfish broke through the pop sound and took the underground clubs by storm. Music would never be the same.

The hit single, "LSD is the Bomb " pounded its’ way to the top of the U.S. club market in the early 90’s, and climbed all the way to number 8 on the US Billboard dance charts. What a time to dance! The Radioactive Goldfish was on fire… and if that wasn’t enough – the video for “LSD…” was also featured countless times on the original MTV’ late night video program, 120 minutes. Remember music television?

Since then, the music has changed, MTV has changed, life has changed, and so has the Goldfish. Dormite in waiting, the Goldfish has had time to mutate into a fresh new form…

The new Goldfish sound has evolved from the techno breaks era into a twisted take on 80’s industrial – bringing back the rock guitars and the distorted vocal treatment, Goldfish finds a niche between electronic and industrial rock. Fans of the radioactive breaks sound won’t be put off, as the old school Goldfish sound still makes its way to center stage in the first Fiberline release – “Wax Is Wax”.

Goldfish is one of Radioactive Goldfish’s founding members, Ellis D.

Don’t forget to check out Goldfish who also known as Rainbow Bridge, along side MathematiX they will be rocking arena and club floors worldwide as the new Interactive theatrical LIVE Performance: EQUATION……..Prepare to be lost in the Equation.