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Los Angeles, United States

AKA: Berge Sahakian

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Berge Sahakian AKA Goldcap’s roots in music are based in an eclectic pool of genres since his earliest ages. Listening to everything from classic rock, traditional indian, orchestra, and reggae, to classical, metal, west-african, and middle-eastern styles of music. Finally introduced to a decent electronic song in 2006, he decided to dive into DJ’ing immediately, as he has always loved to perform as much as appreciate the music that touches him. Having picked up instruments like the electric/acoustic guitar, bass guitar, classical piano, and various different percussive instruments, it was only natural for him to incorporate an organic vibe into his musical selections. Within the years he has played at some of LA’s grandest venues such as Sound Nightclub, Exchange LA, Vanguard, Standard, ect. but his preferred parties lay in the underground scene; at intimate venues & outdoor events. Having played alongside artists such as Eduardo Castillo, Acid Pauli, Nu, Henry Saiz, Nick Warren, Sander K, Low Tide, Canson, Gab Rhome, DAVI, and many more, Goldcap’s vision is to deliver an organic sound throughout his sets and productions which speak to the universal soul within us all. Also being a fan of poetry, films, ambient sounds, traditional instruments, and the spoken word, you will often find him incorporating an eclectic array of samples into his sets. Finally breaking out of his comfort zone with digital production softwares in 2013, we can expect to hear a few Goldcap originals in the near future.