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Gold Code

San Francisco, United States

Nude Photo Music
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Rafael Zevallos-Crowe, as Raf_One has been a staple of the San Francisco underground dance music scene since the mid 90s. He played his first warehouse rave in 1996 and graduated a couple years later to residencies at some of San Francisco’s most infamous house, techno and electro parties such as Mainframe, UP, Vehicle, Impulse, Tokyo Electric, Activ and FreeRange.

Taking the artist name Gold Code, he made a strong debut at the celebrated As You Like It parties, performing a stand-out live set at San Francisco’s Compound, followed by taking the dance floor by storm at the Nude Photo Music‘s Music for Dancers+Lovers label showcase in Portland, Oregon.

2010 culminated with two releases on Nude Photo Music, a remix of Sergio Gregori, “She’s an Operator” and his own debut, “The Day After” with remixes by Audioelectronic, Basskittens, Chris Fierenze and legendary producer Jonah Sharp.

2011 is off to a great start with the release of remix for J0be, “Deeply Agnostic” on Nude Photo Music, a new live set and more releases to come.