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DJ GOE is the artistic name of Luís Filipe Rodrigues! He is a Portuguese DJ. Borned in Póvoa De Varzim, since childhood he liked to listen to music. Over the years he was giving more importance to the world of music and the work that producers and DJ’S do. But never ventured in that world.

- In 2010, there was a day when his friends invited him to a birthday party, and in the middle of the party, asked him if he wanted to put some music and he said yes! They explained to him how it worked and he began put music. On that party he has played 5 hours straight without stopping. From then, they invited him to many parties to put some music! People liked the work he had done that night! It was from that moment that was born the DJ GOE! Until today, he always had the support of two great friends who always helped him and taught a lot of tricks and how to preforme a excellent set. They are: DJ BITA and DJ VAREIRO!

- In 2011, as a thank you for the support that everyone gave and give to him, he released a CD with 6 mixed sets titled “DJ GOE – Live at The Party Zone”.

- In 2012, prepares to begin a new stage, the production. With the completed studio he will start producing his own sounds.