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Gods Robots

San Francisco, United States

Breaks, Dubstep

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Gods Robots is a global collaboration between Mumbai-based vocalist ShriiK (Shridevi Keshavan) and San Francisco-based

electronic music producer Janaka Selekta (Janaka Atugoda).

Shriik has years of formal training in Carnatic classical music

and is noted for her outstanding ability to seamlessly blend both

classical and contemporary vocal elements in both live and studio

settings. Janaka is a veteran DJ and producer of the West

Coast’s underground dance music scene, and is known for his

distinctive sound, influenced by dub, dubstep, DnB, breakbeat,

reggae, and South Asian folk and classical music.

The duo first began to create music together via the Internet,

six months before ever meeting in person. By the time they met

face to face, they had laid the foundation for what has since become one of the most critically acclaimed acts in the emerging

generation of global electronic music.

MTV World selected Gods Robots to perform at the Asia Society’s

prestigious annual awards dinner as a representation of

MTV’s efforts to improve the visibility of Asian culture in the

West. Bit Torrent showcased the duo’s early work in their carefully

curated Artist Spotlight program. Most recently, Gods

Robots have broken into writing music for movies with the bigbudget Bollywood film Jackpot (2013). Check out the most recent Gods Robots live video and interview on MTV Desi.





Twitter: @godsrobots