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Glenn Wilson

Rothwell, United Kingdom


Audio Assault, Blu Line, Chroma Recordings
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Glenn Wilson started dj-ing at a local radio station in 1992 in Helsingborg south Sweden playing & exposing various forms of techno & house, at the end of 92 he opened his own record shop and started his label Called Planet Rhythm which had one purpose: to expose the production talents of Swedish artists, at the beginning of 93 Glenn talked about his ideas to a producer called Cari Lekebusch who he had met via a friend in Stockholm who he used to sell records to: Cari agreed to do the first 2 releases for the label. In 94 Glenn Moved to Stockholm to try and expand both the record shop and the label, after a few months a place was found to set up the shop and the label, this place also became home for Cari’s Hybrid Productions & Hybrid Studio after a very short time Glenn needed more help in the shop and also new artists for the label. Cari had a few underground producer friends who he told about Planet Rhythm and soon demos where arriving. Adam Beyer, Jesper Dahlbaek (aka Lenk) Thomas Krome, & Fredrik Almqvist (aka RND Technologies) all started producing for Planet Rhythm, after a few releases Glenn started releasing a remix series for the label using artists like The Advent & Cristian Vogel. After Many years in Sweden Glenn moved back to his native England to concentrate more on his label. Straight away in mid 95 before his return to England Glenn set up, Planet Rhythm UK which was to provide a more selection of artists from around the world but still hold a Swedish Connection.

Planet Rhythm UK still released many of its Swedish producers like Adam Beyer, Cari Lekebush, Jesper Dahlbaek, Thomas Krome & Fredrik almqvist but also under different names, such as Cari as Shapechanger and Fredrik as 40ft Puma. Planet Rhythm UK wanted to reflect a more Global Mixture of artists and released the early works of artists Like: Gaetek, Umek & Andrei Morant it also started releasing work by female producers like Jana Clemen (aka Abstract Soul). Many others have found their way onto Planet Rhythm UK like, Headroom, Slobodan, Savinto, H (aka Mike Humphreis) & Blulight Isms to mention just a few. In 96 Planet Rhythm started its first sub-label called Template that released artists Like Lash (aka Gaetek), Jack Mackrel, Postor (aka Savinto), Ind-Ex, Tuomas Rantanen & Render (aka headroom). Shortly after, the second sub-label Called Colours was started that is ltd to 1000 copies and which released some of Glenn’s first productions. While dj-ing at a party in Slovenia Glenn met up with producer Mike Humphries and realized they had similar music & production tastes & set up Punish Records. Which they use to release most of there own productions. In January 99 Glenn Set up Compound which is dedicated to getting back to the early values of Planet Rhythm and searching for tomorrow’s producers. In the winter of 2001 Heroes was engineered and brought to life and at present is planned to be the outlet for production souly from Glenn. Concentrating mainly on forward driving hard edged electronic funk Glenn sets out to really show what he’s capable of With concept releases that will take on imaginative vinyl designs along with special free insert media and promotion for the train spotters and collectors. After the instant success of heroes glenn set up the Heroes X Series which is remixes of the original heroes trks and to date has featured exclusive remixes from Glenn himself and also from today’s pioneering producers such as Chris McCormack, Ignition Technician, Mike Humphries, Alexander Kowalski, Lars Klein, Michael Burkat, The Anxious and Patrik Skoog. In mid 2003 there are plans for the trilogy to be completed when Glenn releases the first of his Heroes Limited collection, strictly limited to 2000 copies only these releases will be in the shape of colored vinyls and picture discs. Towards the last quarter of 2003 there are plans for Glenn’s debut LP/CD “low end riot” that will also be backed by a worldwide live and dj tour carrying the same name that will feature once again imaginative design and concept decor.

Heroes main mission and goal for the future is too set in motion an alternative to today’s current scene which seems to be evolving more to mass produced records in plain black or white covers with zero concept money making only “intensions”… An intense workaholic Glenn lays down his final label that completes a wide diverse spectrum of releasing platforms for his and his friends music. SUBmissions takes on clean cut designs right from the logo to the final package, and is the output section for more dance floor mayhem, stretching from vocal stabbed funky beats to intense forward driving rhythms of the highest caliber. judge for yourself Glenn has done dj/live performances at various parties in the following countries: Austria, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, England, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Japan, Scotland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Etc.… Concentrating now mainly on his live sets he takes his compact live rig on global assaults in a mission to put the “T” back in techno.