Glenn Holmes

Ramle, Israel



Glenn Holmes is known by his friend as Ilan Halmush, 22 years old from Israel. About 3 years ago he thought that when he’ll be djing he would like to have an easier name for people out of israel, so he looked for similar names to his real first and last names.

He came out with Glenn (=ilan) Holmes (=Halmush) and since then he is known by this name on many music forums and as a dj.

Ilan grew on a little city called Ramla in Israel with his mom grandpa and grandma (the last two will hopefully rest in peace in heaven). From very young age classical music was the main and maybe even only music genre he heard as his grandpa was a big lover of this style. Ilan also learned to play a piano 5 years in a row at very young age but he quit it with no good reason.

Ilan had discovered the beauty of electronic music back in 1999 while he fell in love with the uplifting trance dreamy genre. Tunes from producers like Vincent De Moor, Ferry Corsten, Ayla were the first that got him really amazed by the beauty of this genre and little by little he discovered himself getting more and more into it. His first ever cd was “Vincent De Moor – Moor” which he still like to put on the stereo and listen to sometimes.

Ilan remained with his love of the uplifting trance but 2003 was a year of changes for him as he started to like progressive trance and house genres as well influenced by producers like Markus Schulz, Gabriel & Dresden, Junkie Xl and more. As time went by he felt that his passion for electronic music is way to big and he decided to save some money and get his first equipment. On December 2004 it happened: his first ever equipment was purchased and he also bought a turntable and started investing money in vinyls. He learned the art of djing and got the chance since then to perform a few times in front of people and got good comments for these performances.

Today Ilan still loves the genre that started it all for him (uplifting trance) but doesn’t play it in his sets. His sets are going from moody progressive house to progressive trance and progressive-tech stuff.

If ambition gives a good view on the chances of a dj to succeed then you can expect this young dj to rise fast!