Gino Windster Beatport


On the 14th of March 1972 a DJ was born on the island of Curacao, named Gino Windster. At the age of 8 his toys were cassette decks, old stereo sets and turntables without pitch control and at his 12 he was already conscious about his passion for music and started taking guitar lessons. Not even 2 years later the serious DJ job began, when he bought his first DJ set consisting of 2 turntables Technics SL1200 and a Gemini mixer while his musical styles at that time were disco, hip hop electro and pop.

In the 90’s at the age of 19 he discovered a new style of music, HOUSE MUSIC.

Hithouse, Ben Liebrand, Simon Harris, Kraftwerk, David Morales and Steve “Silk” Hurley were the DJs and producers names that he grew up with and who influenced him. With his own drive-in disco show he played on a variety of clubs and party’s on his native island Curacao. By all means he had to educate him self on different levels, so while getting an education he did some minor productions as well as numerous live mixing for a diversity of bands and festivals.

At the age of 21 Gino emigrated to The Netherlands, after finishing his senior secondary vocational education, on Curacao. Again with 2 goals in mind he starts the second period of his life, education and music (Or was it education in music, I wonder while writing these words). In 1993 he started the study of Information Science, but as a thru music junky that he is, he started to build his own studio and developing his production skills and meanwhile he was spinning records on variety of small parties. But even more important he even managed to complete in 1995 the study of Recording Engineer at the AIA (Audio Institute of America) academy San Francisco CA. At this point he had a few white label vinyl and underground CD releases.

As the years went by he finished his education and started working in 1997, but most of all he became a much acclaimed recording engineer / producer.

After 7 years in the Netherlands, he knew it was time for him to follow his one and only dream, his own professional music career. He had the means and the ways so in Y2K Soul 4 Music was born. His own recording studio, record label and music production company. Nowadays he shifted all record label activities to the new founded label Once Records. This label is collaboration between much aclaimed DJ/Producer Bjorn Know How, Josh Pitch and Gino Windster himself. Besides being involved with Once Record as a label maneger, he is also the director and co-founder of the entertainment company Dynasty.

The style of electronic dance music Gino plays can hardly be categorized. Its techy, trancy, tribal driven progressive house music. Many people say it’s energetic while others say it’s hypnotizing. I say it’s the Gino’s sound, so if you haven’t listen or better yet, dance to his sounds, your missing out on a wonderful dance floor experience. The above mentioned vibes are also captured in his music productions where he tries to musically achieve something that’s not been done yet but at the same time keeping the song straight for the dance floor.

Gino has sperformed at venues like, Pacha (Barcelona SP.), The Beach (Miami FL.), Danssalon (Eindhoven NL), Lazzurra (Maaseik BE), BBC (St. Niklaas BE), Baya Beach (Curacao N.A.), Danceradio 1 (NL), and festivals like Pink Pop (NL), FFWD Heiniken Dance Parade (NL), Limburg Love Parade (NL) and a lot more…