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Dj Gilligan has been in the Electronic music scene for over 20yrs where he has become one of Florida’s Favorites. After being invited to play Ultra Music Festival for the last 7yrs and countless other events across the states, he still remains one of the most Down to Earth Djs you will ever meet. In 2012 he will be celebrating his 10yr anniversary behind the decks. Learning to spin on Vinyl, then progressing to Cd’s he has now set his focus on Production. While confident in his abilities, he is now enrolled in Full Sail University to obtain his bachelors in Music Production meanwhile still pounding the speakers at local events. He has had numerous releases on iTunes and other portals but he believes there is always room for improvement. “No matter how good you may think you are there is always someone out there that’s going to be a little better” says Gilligan “anyone who thinks differently is in for a rude awakening”. “I believe with the technological changes in the last 10yrs, if you don’t jump on the digital bus you will be left behind”.

Since his debut as a Dj, Gilligan knew that he needed to make a name for himself. He quickly learned what to do and dove head first in a local Dj Battle. Not knowing what to expect he kept his head down took a deep breath and started to play. After the evening progressed he heard some great Djs spin and thinking its over for him, they called his name. “2nd Place peoples choice” He was so blown away he used that energy to propel himself forward.

After about a year, he started his own Production Company “Out There Productions” where he produced over 45 shows all across Florida. " I figured the best way to get your name out there (no pun intended), is to throw a show with yourself in the line-up”. “But it definitely helps to have some of the Top Djs spinning along side with you" says Gilligan. Not being satisfied, he then started his own Record Label “Sporked Records” where he releases his own music as well as the music of some of the best local talent. That, in his opinion needed to be heard. After trying to find the happy medium between Breaks, Electro & House also combining his own tracks with Domestic and Imports, Gilligan has an eclectic selection and his own unique way of bringing them together in perfect harmony.