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Giggs Superstar

Johannesburg, South Africa

F! Records , Soul Candi Records
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The Soul Candi arsenal is fully loaded with powerful dancefloor weaponry and when it comes to dancefloor terrorism authorities had best keep an eye on DJ Giggs Superstar: he’s armed with the hottest tracks and charisma to match.

His day job at SoulCandi Records as A&R and Label assistant has provided an invaluable research library where he studies the labels, artists and producers whose music now fills his sets. “Every time I buy a record I look at the label and the producer. There’s so much behind a track. I’ll do some research and I’m guaranteed to find more great tracks..” he says.

Rewind back to days at Benoni high, listening to YFMs Mad Half Hour— his jet-set lifestyle has transformed from daydream into reality. ‘It seems so crazy, I never imagined that I could actually make a living from playing tracks I love!’ he says. Giggs started rocking high-school socials and house parties and realised he had some special skills. Years of determined beat-hunting and hustling have certainly paid off: over the last two years his night time activities involve rocking parties all over the country and across the border. Giggs has shared the limelight with the biggest names in the industry: Black Coffee, Ganyani, Tokzen, Fistaz, Brett Jackson , DJ Fresh, Harael Salkow, Mbuso, DJ’s at Work—Vinny and Christos to name a few. As a fan, he was part of the crowd at the South African Music Conference, watching his hero, Little Louie Vega behind the decks. 365 days later, he was playing at the same conference alongside him!

After pushing hard, 2007 brought him the opportunity to release his own mix on Soul Candi’s Electro Candi. The three disc release has been met with massive critical acclaim, earning a Metro Fm Award nomination for Best Dance Compilation. Since the announcement he’s been pushed into the public eye— getting calls and bookings daily, but he’s determined to keep his feet on the ground: “I feel blessed every day… the attention is crazy, but that’s not why I’m doing this..”. His modesty and sincere passion for music are two traits which certainly set him apart from other industry hot-shots.

This year saw the return of the definitive Soul Candi sessions— the last instalment, Soul Candi Session 3 was the biggest selling local dance compilation ever. Now in 2008, SoulCandi Sessions 4 has been released and Giggs was again picked to mix an ‘ElectroCandi’ disc. The first week into it’s release it has already hit number on Musica’s urban dance charts and went Gold in less that 3 weeks!

Giggs describes his style as deep and soulful with an electro edge and names Naked Music, Vega, Objektivity, Free Range, Brownswood and Hustle as his favourite labels. Beyond appreciation, Giggs aims to create the sounds that rock the party: his future plans involve running his own label. Big dreams, but if his past is anything to go by, audiences need to prepare for explosive sounds. With a firm foundation Giggs looks set to command and conquer— to leave an indelible imprint on the South African dance music industry.