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  • ATYK – Giddy (Original Mix)

    It’s been a suitably epic year for MTA Records - the label that has proven to have a phenomenal a...

    Wed 16th December 3 PM
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Despite swearing against the typical artist bio, Giddy can simply only reinforce the musical cultural norms of the underlying love and passion for creating, playing, and sharing music with others.

These motifs have been the binding factors in building the character and persona of Giddy, which have ultimately led him to various corners around the globe partaking, experiencing and indulging within the electronic music scene and culture.

Since the age of 15, Giddy has been working within local, and global clubs, DJ’ing and opening for various international DJ’s, continually striving for a larger and greater experience.

Spending multiple seasons in Ibiza, Spain pushed Giddy to further invest himself and his music into the electronic music scene which has ultimately shed a completely new light on how Giddy would like to continually strengthen and expose his career path.

Creating a collective visual and audible experience for crowds is the ultimate goal, and as each year, show, and song ends, it ultimately brings Giddy a step closer towards a future within the electronic music industry.