Top 25k on The DJ List

Gianni Vitiello

Berlin, Germany

Open Format, Tech House

Aromamusic, Forcetracks, Kachelfunk Musik
Gianni Vitiello Beatport


Gianni Vitiello is Berlin-underground-techno-scene’s most representative DJ. But the label Vitiello is guarantee for rocking clubs even far beyond the city boundaries. Not surprisingly- there’s no match for Gianni’s artistic two-hour DJ-fireworks that takes the crowd’s breath away or boils the club’s atmosphere slowly to its peak. His secret lies in the diversity of progressively rocking beats or “smart four to the floor”, as Gianni himself puts it. And that’s what it is all about …. Gianni Vitiello combines intelligent dance music, organical deep tracks and killer beats with an extrovert and enthusiastic show. Forget about the inaccessible technocrat, it’s never been Gianni´s style!

By combining his skills as a DJ and a live performer, he is able to keep up the excitement for hours on end! His favourite finished vinyls come either from the UK or Germany; his proper tracks stand out because of their groovy, warm sounds. Not least because of that has Gianni become a global player no matter if playing together with Laurent Garnier in front of freaking-out locals, with Timo Maas for euphorically partying Southamericans, or in front of wild-on dancing Russians in Moscow`s …Gorod…the party crowds will never forget his singular sound. Gianni Vitiello has proved his qualities as a producer by coming up with “Elastic Tunes EP” ( Forum Rec.) or his-Freunde EP (aromamusic) which have been highly acclaimed by specialised music publications. Moreover, he shone out in spring 2003 as a result of his "2Raumwohnung RMX.

In february 2005 he remixed an kid&khan (washingmachine) kid congo powers who already worked with The Cramps ,Nick cave and the bad seeds and last but not least his Gunclub alter ego is a well known artist all over the world.Also co productions with can oral (captain comatose and khan) got really very good feedback….