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Gianni Don Carlo

Den Haag, Netherlands

Tech House, Techno

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born 21st September 1998 is a Dutch DJ, Producer, Remixer, Music producer and Record label owner.


Gianni Don Carlo was born in Brasschaat, Belgium, on 21st September 1998, but grew up in Marbella, (Spain), Brasschaat, (Belgium) and the Netherlands. He started making music when he was 14. He was inspired by music of “Carl Cox and “Richie Hawtin.

Gianni Don Carlo started working as a DJ in Italy, Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands playing multiple sets a week, most of which lasted two or more hours. As his musical career began to take off he put his study on hold, although he goes to the Pioneer DJ and Pioneer Producing School to graduate in 2015.

Since May 2016, Gianni Don Carlo has started to host a weekly radio show called “Art of Rhythm” which currently is broadcasted to a lot of weekly listeners in different countries. This radio show propelled him to stardom and helped cultivate an interest in Techno music around the world.

Gianni Don Carlo is a Dutch DJ, Producer, Remixer, and Record label owner, and a flag-waver for the underground scene which is only now getting the respect it deserves all over the world. He started his career DJ-ing at underground parties in clubs like “Villa Thalia”, the “Maassilo” and “Lounge Club Aqua Asia” in the Netherlands. Together with his manager they launched the influential GDC-Record label.

Gianni Don Carlo created a unique techno sound. That sound, electro house, is very minimal, yet highly danceable. He started DJ-ing with CD Players (Pioneer CDJ’s) and not long ago he stepped over to digital DJ-ing. Where he has made a big advantage with and as some says “the 4th generation DJ’s/DJ-ing. These days, he kicks around with his Mac-book Pro.

Gianni Don Carlo is trying now a record deal with a big Promotor, and will become a star in Europe and the United States.