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Gianluca Luisi


303LOVERS, Axum Records, Go!Freitag
Gianluca Luisi Beatport


Gianluca Luisi is a renowned DJ producer from Italy.

He received his first turntables and began to handle the decks when he was 17. His passion for music began with frequent visits to the clubs in Naples that left a lasting impression on him subsequently hurtling him towards the world of Underground Music. Living the musical evolution of the last decade in the districts of Naples, actually Gianluca’s sound is totally placed in the Neapolitan Techno Scene. Techno turned from being a hobby into a lifestyle.

When Gianluca began his journey into the music world, he became addicted not only to the music production but sound engineering also. After finishing his studies he has worked in venues throughout the world as not only a DJ but within recording studios and the live entertainment industry.

Gianluca’s talent is such that he does not limit himself to a particular style and uses all kinds of sounds to create his music. When he feels an emotion he can recreate it easily into one of his productions.

In August of 2007 he met Alex Kenji and Manuel De La Mare, owners of the label 303lovers that released his “Bitransducer” gaining a lot of attention in late 2007 climbing the beatport tech house top ten.

In 2008 he remixed for Audio Therapy the track “Swell” by the prestigious producers Ozgur Can and Patch Park.

His sounds are hard to categorise but work extremely well in clubs. He is of the new producer generation and has a very distinctive sound and caters to what the world wants to listen to right now.

His unique and diverse style has resulted in releases on labels like Oryx, Ego, Secret Weapon Records, Audio Therapy, 303lovers and soon Plastic Rules and Go!Freitag / DBH Music of Alex Bau.

He always strives to provide world class DJ performances based on and productions and to entertain the masses.

Gianluca’s aim is to “Rock the Dance Floor”.