Giangi Cappai Beatport


I’m a citizen of the world..! , declares DJ Giangi Cappai, an everchanging dance musical chameleon, and with his best known alter-ego, Alma Matris is the embodiment of the darkest tribal vibe in the musical circuit.

Under this pseudonym in 1997 he composed the Italian top 10 charting single Musica Electrica/Rumore Chimico and later, the hit song was reissued on the NY-based label *69 records, projecting Giangi among the tribal heavyweights of the world.

The follow-up single, Rapido, in its first week topped the world charts and conquered even the fiercest dancefloors, being played by some of the best known DJ booths in the world Best club compilations and fiercest dj sets world wide are full of Giangi’s most famous electro tribal dark grooves.