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Giampaolo Ienna

New York, United States


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Giampaolo Ienna was born in Palermo, Sicily where at the early age of 14 he became captivated by Dance Music. He was mainly inspired by the one entity that has the ability to control the club: The Disc Jockey.

Music has always been a passion of Giampaolo. Growing up he was a pianist and drummer, which laid the foundation for his musical journey into the world of the Techno-House beats.

Ienna was inducted into his life of music by the most trusted figure in his life, his father. During his seminal music career he was introduced to a new phenomenon that was taking the US by storm, Hip Hop.

While still a teenager he spent a night with his uncles in a parish ran venue called No Extasi, located in Bagheria, (Sicily). That night at No Extasi was the driving factor that influenced him to redirect his music towards Techno-House. Hip Hop became a distant past, as the house scene engulfed him and his taste in music. He now wakes up and eats breakfast at 130 bpm.

In 2002, while still in Italy, Giampaolo became successful at scoring pivotal guest spots in many large venues around Europe and the middle east. This is where he met a broad network of people in the industry who influenced him to explore the music scene at an international level, which became an excellent springboard into the industry, giving him the opportunity to become known and respected.

Thanks to his networking in Europe, in 2004, he was offered a special guest DJ appearance at The Door Ultra Lounge in NYC. This venue gave him the opportunity to show the New York City nightlife his unique state of mind and international music styles.

From that moment on his professional DJ career catapulted, enabling him to exhibit his flawless mixes and thick syncopate baselines at some of the most exclusive clubs in New York City such as Pacha, Cielo, 1oak, Marquee, Buddah Bar, Kiss and Fly, Pink Elephant and more.

With his success in NYC, it didn’t take him long to start touring back throughout Europe in 2006, taking venues in Palermo, Rome, Rimini, Venice and Milan. During this time Giampaolo was granted acceptance into F.I.D.J.A.S. (Italian Federation of Disc Jockey, Animation & Speakers), where he was accredited for his skills in analog, digital, and production while advancing his professional techniques.

During his tour in 2007, Giampaolo was offered yet another special guest DJ appearance at Space in Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt), witch landed him a 1 year DJ residency. It wasn’t long before he was offered other guest appearances in Egypt at venues such as Pacha, Dolce Vita, Hard Rock Cafe, The Black House and Buddha-Bar.

This talented youth’s love and passion for this life and his music will be his ticket to stardom. The outcome is inevitable. The question is do you believe?