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Ghost In The Shroom

Vienna, Austria


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Introduced to goa by a friend in 2003, I started my psychedelic trance experiences by first going parties and meet a lot of very nice people. In summer of 2004 I had the chance of trying out Pioneer CD players for the first time and learned quickly how it worked. Since then I was hung up on that, buyed my own equipment and started DJing seriously. Meanwhile I have played at several parties all around Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and Panama. Also I have started up a little DJ-Pool and music platform, called “Final Fantasy Productions”.


For me, music is one of the most wunderful things in life, it bewitches and touches, it boosts and set up. When I make music and enter into the deepest innerself of the people, make them laugh, cry and scream, that is one of the loveliest experiences for me at all.

With my sound I want to send the people onto a far journey, give them something they will never forget, something special, open them the door to another dimension and to their own subconsciousness. I want to unite the people mentally and let them feel what I feel and think, or I just tell them a story.