Currently Ranked 1 in the United States and 10 In THE WORLD for Hard Trance on, GHOSH continues to be a leading force in the electronic music scene both in th... read more
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Location: Denver, United States United States
Genre: Hard Dance, Trance

Currently Ranked 1 in the United States and 10 In THE WORLD for Hard Trance on, GHOSH continues to be a leading force in the electronic music scene both in the U.S. and abroad. His motto, “Only Good Can Judge Me,” has become as well recognized and respected as the prominent DJ himself. GHOSH spins hard, yet effortlessly produces his deep and edgy, emotive trademark sound. True to his hard trance roots, at the end of his sets he leaves the crowd feeling as though they’ve moved on from something. We hear elements of trance’s origin in his style. Genres merge and we receive everything from European-influenced hard trance, with its dark elements, to classic trance sounds of the more melodic nature. His style is reminiscent but truly unique.

His inspiration to spin evolved out of a deep love for electronic music, a style he always searched for growing up in the Middle East. It was his arrival in the States in 1995 that saw the emergence of a long-awaited sound, and ultimately a career as one of trance music’s most renowned DJs. In 1995, GHOSH immersed himself in the music scene and attended events and parties, absorbing the club culture around him. In 2001, he earned himself a following after impressing club managers, club patrons, and established DJs with his unrivaled demos. His ability to captivate crowds secured him a guest residency at the famous Soma club, spinning alongside such names as Sander Kleinenberg, Tiesto, and Sasha.

GHOSH’s name soon became synonymous with tech/tribal trance. In 2006, he performed at the renowned “Caffeine” and earned a reputation for his strong presence and ability to engage the crowd with intense sets. In that same year, he received an invitation back to his native land, Kuwait, to host events and introduce radio stations to EDM. This offered the opportunity to tour through Kuwait, Yemen, and such celebrated places for nightlife in the Middle East as Dubai and Lebanon. In addition to hosting various Club Nights and events, radio stations had both his “Self Sacrifice” and “Twin Head” tracks in heavy rotation.

GHOSH then returned to the U.S. and conquered the electronic music scene many times over. With more hype than any other DJ in his area, GHOSH has a following that surpasses some of the largest headliners to play in his genre. The momentum has garnered him even more residencies, including the world-famous Church Seven Candles. He continues to play many of the largest shows in North America, such as this year’s 2008 Global Dance at Red Rocks and Electric Daisy Carnival, where he performed to a sold-out crowd of over 12,000.

GHOSH continues to focus his energy on the tech trance scene, a scene he repeatedly influences. Akram Artist Management, where he has landed a prime standing, is his most recent endeavor. He has finally found his sound and his place as one of the foremost tech trance DJs the industry has ever seen. Although the world can also expect him to focus his attention on building an international presence, GHOSH still remains true to the heart of electronic music. His core principle, as mentioned in his last interview, is that “People inspire me, as does a deep passion and belief that music is integral to humans’ well being and their emotions.”