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Nurvous Records
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In the current climate of ghost production, Djs spending more time in the crowd than behind the decks, its refreshing that there are still artists out there that have come up the old fashioned way through putting in the hours in the studio to hone their craft.

Larrys career started after the insurance money that resulted from a unlucky meeting with some armed burglars in a halls of residence was used to purchase studio gear. Having graduated from university, the tough decision of whether to go into music production or the pharmaceutical industry was taken and Larry settled into making Breaks whilst working as a room service attendant in a 5 star hotel. A rapid rise saw Larry signed to Botchit and Scarper and Fingerlickin records as DEF inc. Flying to far away places such as China, Siberia, Miami and Mumbai (including 8 hrs locked up in a Russian airport with Chase And Status) he often found himself staying in five star hotels on the weekend and then working in one on Monday morning! The gap between the highs and lows became too much so Larry took the plunge and left to focus 100% on music.

The musical tide was changing however, the vibrant Breaks scene was imploding and problems between Larry and is partner in DEF inc. led to them disbanding. In a short space of time, he had gone from being voted on the shortlist for best newcomer at the annual Breaks awards to leaving the project behind.

A love of Dub led to Larry launching a new project Rebel Sonix concentrating on Dubstep, Moombahton, Dancehall and Trap style sounds. Despite high profile shows in Belarus, Canada and Glastonbury Festival, Larry began to focus more on his skills as an in demand sound designer for plugin and sample pack companies. Best selling packs for Sample Tools by Cr2, Samplemagic and CNTRL samples followed which led onto Larry starting to work for high profile House label Cr2 Records as their in-house mix and mastering engineer mastering tracks for clients such as Nile Rodgers, Snoop Dog and MK.

Concentrating on production and sound design work whilst great for developing new techniques and expertise left Larry with an itch that needed to be scratched and having almost resigned himself to putting his life as a recording artist behind him, amid persuasion from friends and family, Get To Know was born.

Get To Know music could be described as Future Boogie music – a futuristic take on the the post-Disco 80s Boogie sound, blending real instruments and synthesisers and funk infused synth bass.

Get To Know is all about authenticity and represents one artist’s musical journey. Not just re-making the sounds of the past but fusing the old with the new to create a future retro blend eschewing trends and fashions to instead look within to make music from the heart.