Top 50k on The DJ List

German Rovira

Buenos Aires, Argentina


German Rovira, who was born on February 12th 1976, is reckoned as one of the most important Argentinian Progressive djs nowadays.

His career began in the nineties, playing the music due at that time. Shortly afterwards he became interested in electronic music, especially house music, progressive house and tek house.

His dj sets are said to be full of fun and intense, he likes to create with his music unique vibes and transmits what he really feels through his music selection to the dancefloor crowd.

He has been resident dj of the best Argentinian clubs, such as ‘El Cielo’, ‘New York City’, ‘Caix’, ‘La Morocha’ and ‘Club Pacha’ to name a few and he plays at Mint (ex-El Cielo).

He has also been guest dj of most important clubs of Argentina and South America, as Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Paraguay.

He had gigs with famous international djs such as Mr. C, Sean Cusick, Eddie Richards, Filterheadz, Echomen, Richard F, Joeski, Wally Lopez, Austin Leeds, Stefano Greppi, Illumination, Jose de Divina, Oscar Colorado, Martin Kay, Jazzy M, Gabo, Anderson Noise to name a few.

In 2002 he had a boom in his career: he worked at Malaga (Wednesdays), BarFly (Thursdays) and Apollo Beat (Fridays). Not only was here the resident, but he also worked in other Argentinian clubs like Big One in Buenos Aires; Sobremonte, Chocolate, Gap and Factory in Mar del Plata, Pacha Bariloche, Milenio in Uruguay and Coyote in Paraguay. He also took part of Creamfields Buenos Aires 2001, 2002 and 2003.