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Georgio Schultz

Haarlem, Netherlands


Big Boss Records, Chega Recording, First Impression
Georgio Schultz Beatport


Biography: Georgio Schultz

Name : Georgio Schultz

Date of Birth : 21-02-1973

Place : Haarlem-the Netherlands

Contact : 06 43777767

Email : [email protected]

Projects : DJ Georgio, Kasjmir, Manjaro, Beathoven, Scramjet, Sadoman, and many others

Georgio Schultz is a dutch producer who lives in a city called Haarlem (also the home of other dutch producers like DJ Zki & Dobre, Gregor Salto, Olav Basoski) and started his career from 1993.

Georgio is an autodidact musician and is influenced by music styles like Funk, Hiphop, Jazz, Rock and others. He produces house tracks but also works as a free lance musician for commerce companies. since 1997 he started to play records in a local club and began to develop his mixing skills. His first production appeared in 1992 (Suspicious minds together with R.Wiedijk -rythem records)and was recorded at the studio of the famous dutch producer Olav Basoski (the dutch work label) at that time he didn’t had enough money for his own recording equiment. from the the money saved by his both grandmothers and his first release, he started to by his own equipment.

The next step was 3 releases on the label ‘First impression’ wich was owned by Robin’Jaydee’Albers (plastic dreams) under the names ‘Manjaro’ & ‘Beathoven’.

Later on other labels were involved with his musical career such as ARS (Belgium), Spiritual records, Urban sound of Amsterdam, timeless, 33/45, flammable and many others. Most of his productions were released on the Spiritual label under the pseudonimes ‘Kasjmir’ and ‘Manjaro’. His records were played by DJ’s like Boy George, Pete Tong, Judge Jules, Billy Nasty, Nick Warren, John Digweed and many more. Georgio worked with several famous people from the dutch dance scene, such as DJ Dimitri, Eddy de Clerq, Sammy (Mallorca-Spain), Eric Nouhan, and Marnix. Succesfull tracks like ‘Equilibrium’, ‘Polterguys’, ‘Subversal’ and ‘The creator’ sold well and were compiled for compilations like ‘Ministry of Sound’ and ‘Global underground’. Georgio pruduced about approxemately 60 releases containing remixes, corporations, but mostley solo projects

As a dj he played in a local club called ‘Stalker’ were he had residence for about 4 years, also monthley in other clubs like ‘Unit 3’ (Hamburg-Germany) ‘Chatteau’ (Zandvoord-Holland) also famous clubs like Roxy, Escape, Bloomgidale (@ the Beach)

Afther a couple of years being out of the picture , he discovered that music is his fuel, his big passion and started with DJ Marnix a new studio in the industrial area of Haarlem In 2004 Georgio started to work more with vocals, and musicians and songwriters like the guitar player of a famous dutch rock band called ‘Silkstone’ did remixes for pop bands and learned a bit more about song structure and composing music for commercials.He also released 2 loungy/jazzy tracks wich went succesful all over the world ony several international Lounge/easy lisening compilations.

In the year 2006 he was starting to release house tracks again called: Georgio Schultz “Comeback E.P” with the tracks “work it out/Cute & nice/Hajammaja” on the Dutch G-Rex label “Work it out” went nice, and was favourit tune from Dutch DJ’s like Roog, Gregor Salto, Mark van Dale and, Ricky rivaro, and many others, this track appeard also on several Dutch compilations (some covers on this page viewed as well)