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Georgi Kay

Perth, Australia

Indie Dance / Nu Disco

Neon Records
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The raging fire of youth burns bright, but never as bright as it burns in the infectious Indie Pop music of Georgi Kay. The eighteen year old singer/songwriter from Perth, Western Australia has already racked up the sorts of accolades and awards that many artists spend decades working for, and she’s just getting warmed up.

Georgi Kay has already won 2011 and 2010 Western Australia Music Awards (WAM), and been nominated for a 2011 Independent Music Award for best Indie/Alternative/Hard Rock Song. Kay has accomplished these honors without a record label or even a full length album under her belt.

Her instantly recognizable voice and quirky sense of style set her apart in a crowd, but it’s the menagerie in Kay’s mind that will enthrall you.

Georgi Kay writes personal songs hewn from her own experiences; the people, thoughts and emotions that Kay brings to life live and breathe in her voice. Poetry becomes music and music becomes art with an infectious Indie groove; all delivered with a lack of affectation that’s refreshing.

Georgi Kay began her ascent to rock stardom at the age of fourteen, playing lead guitar for rock group The Vains. Within a year, Kay had moved center stage and taken over the lead vocal duties. By 2009, Kay was playing solo shows and recording some of her original material for release. So far the feedback has been tremendous. While based in Australia, Georgi Kay has already begun to build a following in Europe and has even gained fans as far away as the United States of America.

If you speak to Georgi Kay off stage, you’ll be left with the impression of an intensely intelligent and witty young woman; friendly but reserved. The transformation that takes place on stage is nothing short of breath-taking. Kay comes out of her shell, communing with audiences large and small like she’s talking and singing with her best friends. Kay loves everything about music and performing, and the stage has become her second home. When you see Georgi Kay in concert, you’re standing on her turf. Kay takes control immediately and will take you for a ride you’ll never forget.

Georgi Kay’s debut EP, Strange Things, features 2010 WAM Song of the Year “Breakfast In Bedlam”, 2011 Indie Music Award nominee “Back To Back” and fan favorite “You & Me”, written when she was all of thirteen years old. Displaying a talent for everything from folk to rock n roll, Kay is not one to rest on her laurels. Her recent work includes a collaboration with hiphop artists StoopFresh and producer RAE (2011 WAM Urban/Hiphop Song of the Year), and with dance icons Feenixpawl. There hasn’t been a style of music invented yet that Kay is unwilling to explore.

Away from the stage and studio, Georgi Kay is a relatively normal eighteen year old young woman. She loves spending time with friends, writing poetry and gaming. God Of War III is a particular favorite, with Kay storming Olympus with a vengeance time and time again. Kay is also a Youth Ambassador for, and supports LifelineWA.

Georgi Kay released her compilation album BACKWARDSFORWARDS in 2011, and is currently working on a new album due for release in 2012, born of her constantly evolving and wonderful muse. It’s impossible to know how much more she’ll develop between now and then. So far, Kay has earned comparisons to artists such as Sarah Blasko, Missy Higgins, Coldplay, Tegan & Sara, The Horrors and Ellie Goulding. All are fair musical points of reference, but the plain and simple truth is that there isn’t anyone in Indie music who sounds quite like Georgi Kay. Her wonderfully unusual voice will enthrall you.

So whether singing from the stage or talking in her sleep, Georgi Kay manages to make you look at the world around you in a slightly different light than you did before. Deep intelligence and a quiet, yet incisive wit dot Georgi Kay’s songs. She’ll come at you like a tiger lyrically, yet paint subtle instrumental choices deep within the arrangements that sometimes take you several listens to pick up on. Some of these choices are born of humor; some are just because she can. But ultimately, there is an air of genius about Georgi Kay. The quiet sort of genius that takes you by the shirt and says, “Come with me.”

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