Top 50k on The DJ List

George Levi

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Minimal, Tech House

AKA: Jorge Weed

Deep Site Recordings, DeNote, Pixel Tree Music
George Levi Beatport


This Ecuadorian Dj and Producer began his career in 1998 playing music in Miami.

In 2003 he came back to his native city Guayaquil, located in Ecuador. His passion for electronic music has led him to spin in the best clubs (Blues, Alibabar, Fizz, Picasso, Piranha Bar Mink, Kamala Full Moon Party, Cana Grill)as well as the best festivals in Ecuador (Chongon Parade, South American Music Conference, Dreamfields Festival.)His fresh soulful groovy style has led him to share the stage with many recognized djs from around the globe.

He combines tech house, minimal electro with vocals and efx to create an atmosphere of dancing, sweating, and non-stop party. Considered to be a crowd pleaser he is one of the most successful djs in Ecuador.