George Le Nagelaux

Vienna, Austria


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The starting point of George’s electronic music career can be exactly dated. It was on the 5th of January 2003 when he visited a small club called Massiv at Vienna. At this time he had no interest in electronic music at all, he actually went to this club to meet a guy he knew only from the internet but what he found was not this man but the music that from this time forth dominated his life. This party was in fact a complete disaster, besides of George the club was completely empty but he did not care. This never heard music seemed to directly touch his soul and made him freak out and dance all night in a way he never would have thought of. Immediately addicted to electronic beats he visited every party he heard of and within a month whole Vienna knew him as a freak dressed in black that dances all night long like a machine. This fact brought him in short time into contact with the techno scene and within few weeks he knew every dj, promoter and organiser in Vienna. This network should be of high use for his later ambitions.

Also only a month after his first touch with electronic music he sold all stuff he could get rid of to get money to buy his first cheap turntables and records and started DJ-ing. George le Nagelaux was born. In march the same year he founded as basis for his activitys as promoter and got deeper into the scene. When he the first time played in a club he was only at the age of 16. At this time he was actually involved in a lot of projects and parties.

After he was just for a bit more than a half year into techno and was in fact a newcomer himself he made an austrian newcomer dj contest. The winner of this contest played at George’s first completely own party: TechnoPassion. The TechnoPassion event series should become one of Viennas most succesful club nights and toured through the hotest locations of the city.

In 2004 George got into producing and programed liveacts on a hardware setup. This taught him an elementary understanding for music and producing and was of high use for his later more professional productions. George was always open minded for every genre of electronic music and still is, but finaly he found his own style wich is driving but groovey techno mixed with oldschool Detroit stuff and really abstract and experimental sounds, always searching for the very soul of Techno.

2005 became an important year for George’s career. Always working hard on his skills his reputation as a DJ grew and he became well known not only at his hometown. He became headliner on club events in all major austrian cities like Innsbruck, Linz or Graz. Most important of all he founded his own label TechnoPassion Records and released his first vinyl called ‘Machinespirit EP’ which represented his definiton of techno.

The international breakthrough of TechnoPassion Records was in 2008. George could sign world class producers like DJ Misjah, D.A.V.E. the Drummer, Staffan Ehrlin aka Slobodan, Pounding Grooves or Ignition Technician for his label and his tracks could be found in the charts of well renowned DJs all over the world.

George is now well known as a DJ who is always fond of showing his skills while freaking out on the decks like in the beginning on the dancefloor and like on the dancefloor he’s unstopable like a machine: He playes marathon sets of eight hours and longer at ease and is known as an inexhaustible party animal, always bringing the spirit of techno itself through the mixer to the crowd.